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“Words cannot describe the thrill and joy I experienced when viewing your epic production. You, Lynn, Amoris and Skye did an amazing job on the film. Thank you for the extraordinary gift you've given the thousands of people, like me, who have chosen to live in this special place called Corvallis. You've captured the heart and soul of our home and woven it into a magnificent visual fabric. Whatever rewards come your way as a result of your work are more than deserved. You have certainly earned your place in the history of Corvallis and I'm certain future generations will be able to celebrate and honor those who have come before them in a way that wouldn't have been possible without you. “ PK

“It was a wonderful "community" evening. Definitely not boring, which is what I expected. In fact even the introductory speeches on stage were fitting, fact filled, succinct and fun. Glad I went! Technically this is a good film. Amoris, she is the star MC. The unique constant close up photography technique (tight shots on her face) helped bring us into the scenes and enjoy them through her youthful vivacious personality. She might consider a career at doing film tours and news stories? The way the stories connect OSU athletic achievements was superb! The Jami Lanz Gymnastic floor exercise segment, the world series and even some football, was a pleasant surprise and thrill. Even the audio cut from Mike Parker when he says "the Beavers are world champions, AGAIN". WF

“I wanted to tell you guys that I showed the movie to Silas, our 3 1/2 year old. He was so excited. He said "mamma, that's our downtown" and " mamma, that's just like our Old World Deli!" Thank you again for the beautiful film you made. It makes me proud to live here. “ CH

“I am the type of person who you would say loves history, but don’t want anyone to know because I think people will think I am a ‘nerd person’. But after I watched your movie, I don’t even know why, but now I feel confidant about expressing my feelings about history!” LP

For more information, contact:
Morris Walker, Director 541-602-8703/
Lynn Walker, Producer 541-602-8704/
Amoris Walker, Host/Editor 541-231-9437/
Skye Walker, Graphic Designer 760-310-1343/