Stories & Legends: 150 Years in the Heart of the Valley


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Articles about the Corvallis Movie:

Telling Corvallis' story via film

Filmmakers, banjos go back in time

Last 150th bash set for the Majestic: Event includes peek at film scenes

Vaudeville finale: Sesquicentennial celebration ends with variety stage show

Valley full of vaudeville

Clips in Time -- catch up on Morris's history column, published Saturdays in the Gazette Times:

The Flight of Time

Corvallis’s first fire chief

Early Corvallis

A Christmas-tree breakthrough

Polio doesn’t stop champion archer

Corvallis hospital legacy dates from ‘09

Corvallis history in the streets

A rail in the making

From wood to concrete

Biddle blazed the way at OSU

History makes history

From flour bags to fine threads

Crystal Lake Cemetery

Corvallis is home to many big starts

In 1913, Van Buren Bridge was the span of the future

Back in the heyday of Majestic entertainment

Truck company plan stalled but its site is still thriving

Born on the Fourth of July

Buildings sport similar names

Courthouse clangs over jail

Female captain earned a name

From across the pond

A dozen yellow roses from a vet

Pooped on the prairie

Historic movie project rolls on

Photo earned national acclaim

Local hero was the real deal

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