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The Vision

Having lived here for many years, knowing so many wonderful people and being stimulated by the Corvallis sesquicentennial, we decided to produce a movie about this sweet little town we love.

We have been delighted with the city’s 150th birthday festivities, and it has inspired our vision for this production, a vision far more far reaching than this single year of celebration.

Our goal is to produce a movie that will tell the story of Corvallis, the Heart of this Valley, from its earliest Native inhabitants and the settlers who began arriving in the 1800's, through the development of our town into the jewel of technology, sustainability and celebrity that modern Corvallis has become.

Our production will not be a traditional documentary, but more of a popularized history of Corvallis. Someone remarked that it looks like our greatest challenge will not be choosing what to include in this movie, but rather having to choose what not to include. It is certainly true that trying to compress and prioritize everything into a 90-minute movie is a very exciting and demanding job. But with the help of many Corvallis citizens, business owners, and musicians, we are well on our way! We have been creating “150 Years in the Heart of the Valley” (our working title) for several months now.

We are delighted to have our extraordinarily talented daughter, Amoris Walker, working with us as the on-camera host, part time camera operator and editor. As all the pieces to the puzzle are coming together, we can make this promise: This production will be filled with a lot of fabulous historical information, telling an amazing tale about an amazing place. Our goal is to craft an entertaining time warp that will embrace not just one but dozens of stories.

After many years on stage as entertainers, performing thousands of live concerts, as well as producing countless video and DVD productions over the last 16 years, we are on a roll and will do our very best to make Corvallis lovers proud of this movie.

There will be a long list of credits when we post the final production and have our Premiere here in Corvallis, but at this time we will offer our thanks to all who have become a part of this process: specifically to our production coordinator, Shannon Lee; our music director, Tim Misner; our host, Amoris Walker; and our dear friends, world travelers and long-time professional producers, Sid and Mary Lee Nolan.

And as the primary producer I want to give my special thanks to my co-producer, wife and partner for almost four decades, Lynn Walker. I could not do anything without her -- she is my inspiration.

I hope you enjoy the preview, music samples, and other tidbits here on this website. If you would like to e-mail us or call us with any ideas or information you might want to offer, please don't hesitate.


Morris Walker

(541) 602-8703

For more information, contact:
Morris Walker, Director 541-602-8703/
Lynn Walker, Producer 541-602-8704/
Amoris Walker, Host/Editor 541-231-9437/
Skye Walker, Graphic Designer 760-310-1343/